1. Pillar Bedding rifle will make stable seating of action in stock, both walnut and fiberglass. There will be no bending of stock bedding surface, when guard screws are tightened into stock. Bending of action will happen when seat in stock bed is not even. Usually this is a magnum problem, to overall performance of rifle, scope, and sighting in.

2. Perfect fit of action to the stock, eliminating all micro movement between firings. Will improve hunting rifle accuracy, in groups, and holds sighting in from season to another.
3. Less vibration of barreled action in stock when firing.
Improved target rifle accuracy.

4. The Pillar bedding method eliminates the effect of changing wood or fiberglass in stocks, so the accuracy and rifle sighting in, is not affected during changes in warping, bending, expansion, and after curing of fiberglass stocks.

5. Pillar bedding rifle improves rifle accuracy, sometimes by up to 150 % in smaller group  size. For example a rifle shooting 1 to 2  inches at 100 Meters/yards may give you 0.500  groups after bedding, and even better!  Rifles that are performing well in un bedded state will gain better accuracy, as an example from 0.500-.750 inch groups and go down to 0.200 to 0.350 inch groups with Glass Bedding. Think about the potential in accuracy this will give you at longer ranges, lets say out to 500 yds/meters or further out ? As an example a 1.5 inch group at 100 yards, will be increased to at least 7 to 8 inches at 500 yards! There is much to gain in rifle accuracy. The Rifle Bedding Book is an Adobe PDF E-Book, with clear, comprehensive and descriptive photographs, instructions and work guidance, in how the average rifle shooters can professionally pillar bed their rifles . Resulting in improved accuracy and consistency.

Instructions for glass bedding. The materials and tools needed is a Glass Bedding Kit, Bisonite, Acraglas, Micro Bed, or Marine Tex, to name some, few common tools, battery drilling machine, wood chisels and sandpaper etc. Instructions for pillar bedding method, are in the Rifle Bedding Book. Easy to follow instructions step by step of a pillar bedding process that has been over 40 years in use. The most accurate rifles for Precision Bench Rest Competition, are bedded by this pillar bedding process. This pillar bedding method, is used for varmint rifles, hunting rifles, tactical rifles, and target rifles.









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